Shiyi Chen, MD, PhD
MSRC - Post-Doctoral Fellow
Director and Chairman
Sports Medicine Institute of Fudan University
Shiyi Chen
No 12, Wulumoqi Zhong Road
Shanghai, China
Phone: 0086-21-52888255
Fax: 0086-21-52888254
Counsellor, Shanghai Municipal Government
Chair & Professor, Dept. of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Huashan Hospital
Chairman & Professor, Sports Medicine Institute of Fudan University
Executive Committee & Strategy Committee of ISAKOS
President, Asian Pacific Knee Arthroscopy Sports Medicine Society ( APKASS, 2016-17,2022-2024)
President, Chinese Society of Sports Medicine (CSSM, 2018-2022)
China Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon of Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy (2016-2023)
President,Chinese Non-goverment Medical Institution Association (CNMIA)for SportsMed & Rehabilitation(2022-2026)
Funding Member of Asian Cartilage Repair Society (ACRS)
Editorial Board, American Journal of Sports Medicine
Director, ISAKOS Approved Teaching Center for Arthroscopy & Sports Injury, China
CMO of F1, Moto GP, Olympic, FINA, in China