February 7, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona


The one-page abstract should provide sufficient information for readers to fully assess the aims, methods, results, and implications of the research in question. Each submission must be original work that has not been published previously and will not be presented at the 2017 ORS/AAOS Meetings.

Abstract Format

The abstracts should be one page – letter size, 216 x 279 mm (8 ½” x 11″) in portrait layout – with all text placed within a 165 x 228.5 mm (6 ½” x 9″) rectangle. The margins are all 25 mm (1″). Text should be single spaced, with character size set at 10 points, with a Times New Roman font. Do not hyphenate words at the ends of lines. (see the Abstract Example below)

The title (in capital letters), the name(s) of the author(s) and affiliation(s), city and country should be included within the rectangle described previously and centered on the page. Please omit university degrees, titles, street address, and zip code. Each item should be separated by a blank line.

The one-page abstract should include the following sections: an introduction (the purpose of the study and a brief review of relevant literature), methods (a short explanation on data collection and processing), results (may be in the form of text, graphics, or tables), and a discussion (major findings and conclusions). The emphasis of the abstract should be on the results and discussion.

Please write the title of each paragraph in full capital letters and justify both margins (full justification). Do not separate titles or paragraphs by a blank line. Leave a 6-space indentation at the beginning of each new paragraph. Graphs, tables, and references may be used throughout the abstract and only SI units are to be used.

Figures, Equations, and Tables
Graphical illustrations may be incorporated within the document as a means of succinctly communicating information. Size such graphics so that any text is clearly readable. Include a caption below figures and size figures so that text is large enough to be readable. Note that color can be used for good effects on figures for the web, however, the paper proceedings will be printed in black and white. If data tables are used to convey research results, include a title and caption above the table. ** Figures and captions must remain within the defined text limits.

Please try to minimize the number of references. Use Index Medicus for journal title abbreviations and usual format for reference.