International Symposium of Ligaments & Tendons – I

Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World
Orlando, FL
March 11, 2000


7:30 – 7:45 amRegistration and Check-In
7:50 – 8:00 amOpening Ceremony, Welcome & Announcements
Savio L-Y. Woo, Ph.D., D.Sc., Richard E. Debski, Ph.D.

Session 1: Ligament Function
Session Co-Chairs: Kai-Nan An, Ph.D. and Thomas P. Andriacchi, Ph.D.

8:00 amSharing in function between the anteromedial and posterolateral bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament
Mae, T., Fujie, H., Maeda, A., Horibe, S., Nakata, K., Shino, K.
8:20 amDecreased ACL stiffness causes high cartilage contact stresses
Li, G., Most, E., DeFrate, L., Lopez, O.
8:40 amDoes an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament increase or decrease the tibio-femoral contact forces?
Hefzy, M.S., Li Y-C., Yang, H.
9:00 amThe gastrocnemius is an antagonist of the anterior cruciate ligament
Fleming, B.C., Renstrom, P.A., Ohlen, G., Saartok, T., Beynnon, B.D., Peura, G.D., Johnson, R.J.
9:20 amForces on the posterolateral structures of the knee
Wentorf, F.A., LaPrade, R.F., Lewis, J.L.
9:40 amA new model for anterior dislocation of the shoulder
Lee, T.Q., Chow, S., Sciaroni, L.N., Yang, B.Y., Kim, D., McMahon, P.J.
10:00 – 10:30 ambreak

Session 2: Biology and Biomechanics
Part I: Viscoelastic Properties: Stress relaxation vs. Creep
Moderator: Roger C. Haut, Ph.D.

10:30 amCreep
Shrive, N.
10:40 amStress Relaxation
Weiss, J.A.
10:50 amSummary
Haut, R.C.
10:55 amGroup Discussion

Part II
Co-Chairs: David L. Butler, Ph.D. and Richard E. Debski, Ph.D.

11:00 amEffects of aging and type of injury on tendon repair
Dressler, M.R., Butler, D.L., Awad, H.A., Boivin, G.P
11:20 amThe effects of single etiologic injury factors on the biochemical composition of the rat supraspinatus tendon
Flanagan, C.L., Soslowsky, L.J., Carpenter, J.A., Knight, K., Thomopoulos, S., Iannotti, J., Plaas, A.
11:40 amOCT Imaging of ligament birefringence during uniaxial extension
Hansen, K.A., Weiss, J.A., Barton, J.K.
12:00 pmAlignment and collagen synthesis of human patellar tendon fibroblasts grown in microgrooved surfaces subjected to cyclic stretching
Wang, J.H-C., Celechovsky, C., Woo, S. L-Y.
12:20 – 1:15 pmLunch will be provided and is included in the registration fee. Lunch will be held in the Summerhouse Beach Bar. If it rains, lunch will be held at Narcoossee’s.

Symposia – Non-Contact ACL Injuries
Session Chair: Jack L. Lewis, Ph.D. and Jo A. Hannafin, M.D.

1:15 pmNon-contact ACL Injuries and the ACL Injury in Women
Arendt, E.
1:25 pmA prospective study of the effect of neuromuscular training on serious knee injury in female athletes
Hewett, T.E., Lindenfeld, T.N., Riccobene, J.V., Noyes, F.R.
1:35 pmA Prospective Study of Knee Injury Risk Factors
Beynnon, B.D., Johnson, R.J., Fleming, B.C., Haugh, L., Scott, Z., Webster, J., Macy, J.
1:45 pmNon-contact ACL injuries in men and women: Research needs
Lewis, J.L.
1:55 pmGroup Discussion (20 min)

Session 3 – Tissue Engineering
Session Co-Chairs: Cy Frank, M.D. and Kathleen Derwin, Ph.D.

2:15 pmBMP-12 gene transfer augmentation of injured tendon repair
Tu, Y., Lou, J., Burns, M., Silva, M., Manske, P
2:25 pmTendon attachment to a metallic prosthesis with a transitional structure at the tendon/metallic surface interface
Inoue, N., Ikeda, K., Aro, H.T., Frassica, F.J., Chao, E.Y.S.
2:35 pmChanges in human ACL cell migration potential after ligament rupture
Murray, M.M., Martin, S.D., Spector, M.
2:45 pmThe effect of estrogen on anterior cruciate ligament fibroblasts: Cell proliferation, collagen synthesis and matrix metalloproteinase activity
Seneviratne, A.M., Attia, E., Izawa, K., Williams, R.J., Rodeo, S.A., Turner, S., Hannafin, J.A.
2:55 pmGroup Discussion (20 min)
3:15 pmbreak

Session 4 – Reconstruction and Healing
Session Co-Chairs: Kazunori Yasuda, M.D.,Ph.D. and Bruce Beynnon, Ph.D.

3:45 pmA biomechanical analysis of the bi-socket ACL reconstruction
Fujie, H., Mae, T., Sekito, T., Horibe, S., Shino, K.
3:55 pmBiomechanical analysis of two popular reconstructions for injuries to the posterolateral structures of the knee
Vogrin, T.M., A. Kanamori, A., Tarinelli, D.J., Lee, J.M., Yagi, M. Woo, S.L-Y., Harner, C.D.
4:05 pmAugmentation of tendon healing in an intra-articular bone tunnel using a bone growth factor
Rodeo, S., Anderson, K., Seneviratne, A., Izawa, K., Potter, H.G., Atkinson, B.
4:15 pmBiomechanical and histological evaluations of anchoring of the flexor tendon graft within the bone tunnel in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction – The effect of intraosseous graft length
Yamazaki, S., Tohyama, H., Kaneda, K., Yasuda, K
4:25 pmGroup Discussion (20 min)

Session 5 – Short Presentations
Session Co-Chairs: Savio L-Y. Woo, Ph.D. and James H-C. Wang, Ph.D.

4:45 pmHydroxyapatite coating in/on the tendon: A new concept
Sakane, M., Tanaka, S., Yamaguchi, I., Shimojyo, H., Miyanaga, Y., Tateishi, T., Tanaka, J.
4:50 pmIn-situ force in the bundles of the ACL during the simulated pivot shift test
Wong, E.K., Yagi, M., Debski, R.E., Fu, F.H., Woo, S.L-Y.
4:55 pmCreep behavior of normal, healing and reconstructed ligaments
Thornton, G.M., Majima, T., Frank, C.B., Shrive, N.G.
5:00 pmQuantitative assessment of the forces in anterior shoulder dislocation: Intact vs. repair
McMahon, P.J., Sciaroni, L.N., Cheung, T., Kim, D., Lee, T.Q.
5:05 pmGroup Discussion (10 min)

Future Directions and Closing Ceremony (5:15-5:45 pm)
Savio L-Y. Woo, Ph.D., D.Sc.