International Symposium of Ligaments & Tendons – II

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
February 24, 2001


7:00 amBus departs from San Francisco
8:00 amRegistration and Check-In
8:20 – 8:30 amOpening Ceremony, Welcome & Announcements
Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, DSc, Thomas Andriacchi, PhD

Session 1: ACL
Session Chairs: Dr. Scott Dye & Dr. Gordon Matheson

8:30 amIn vivo knee kinematics after ACL reconstruction via high speed biplane radiography
S Tashman, W Anderst
8:45 amIn vivo ACL strain behaviour during the backward fall in skiing
G Cerulli, D Benoit, A Caraffa, M Lamontagne, A Liti, S pue, C Greaves
9:00 amACL -tunnel placement with the CASPAR-System: A cadaver study of accuracy
A Burkart, V Musahl, A VanScyoc, R Debski, PJ McMahon, FH Fu, SL-Y Woo
9:15 amA novel posterolateral knee reconstruction: An in vitro biomechanical study
A Tso, F Wentorf, R LaPrade, S Johansen, L Engepetsen, J Esterberg, J Lewis
9:30 amEffect of the location of applied anterior tibial loads on the kinematics of the ACL-deficient knee
TW Rudy, RE Debski, M Sakane, SL-Y Woo
9:45 amThe effect of prolonged vibration on maximal knee extension torque and I-EMG after ACL reconstruction
Y Konishi, A Kanamori, T Fukubayashi
10:00 – 10:30 amBreak

Session 2: Special Symposium – Functional Tissue Engineering
Session Chairs: Dr. Kai-Nan An & Dr. Lars Gilbertson

Part I

10:30 amEffects of growth factors on tendon/ligament autograft model
K Yasuda, H Tohyama, T Majima
10:42 amGene therapy in ligaments and tendons: First steps
KA Hildebrand, SL-Y Woo, CR Allen, M Deie
10:54 amFunctional tissue engineering of healing ligaments and tendons: Cell therapy
DL Butler, MR Dressler, G Boivin
11:06 amAngiogenesis and ligament healing
JA Weiss
11:18 amBiological responses of fibroblasts to cyclic mechanical stretching
JH-C Wang, SL-Y Woo, D Stone, F Jia, C Celechovsky
11:30 amDynamic rotational offset of the anterior cruciate deficient knee during walking
TP Andriacchi, CO Dyrby, MF Dillingham
11:42 amDiscussion

Part II

12:05 pmEnhancing ligament tissue engineering by chemical and mechanical methods
M Cole, MG Choi, A Samuel, K-LP Sung
12:10 pmCell response to the PLLA-collagen hypid scaffold for tissue-engineered ligament
M Sakane, G Chen, A Ide, H Simojo, Y Watanabe, T Sato, T Ushida, T Tateishi, Y Miyanaga, Y Wadano, N Ochiai
12:15 pmAnalysis of chronic elevated stress on ACL and PCL in hyperlipidermic rats by tensile strength and Young’s modulus
HK Tam, A Hseih, H Cornu, K-LP Sung
12:20 pmDiscussion
12:30 – 1:30 pmLunch

Session 3: Ligaments and Tendons of the Upper Extremity
Session Chairs: Dr. Evan Flatow & Dr. Lou Soslowsky

1:30 pmQuantitative assessment of glenohumeral translation following repeated anterior inferior glenohumeral joint dislocation
JE Tibone, S Bast, BY Yang, PJ McMahon, TQ Lee
1:45Validation of a computational approach to examine stability of the AC joint
RE Debski, A Vangura, J Fenwick, SL-Y Woo, FH Fu
2:00 pmContribution of shoulder muscles to glenohumeral joint forces: Implications for persons with spinal cord injury
PJ McMahon, JR Faux, KS Lemly, TQ Lee
2:15 pmA non-contact, non-destructive method for quantifying intratendinous strain: Validation and application to the human rotator cuff
MJ Bey and LJ Soslowsky
2:30 pmThe effect of synergistic wrist motion after flexor digitorum profundus tendon repair in a canine model in vivo
CF Zhao, PC Amadio, T Momose, P Couvreur, ME Zobitz, KN An
2:45 pmLocation and compressive strain-dependent relaxation in the rabbit flexor digitorum profundus tendon
B Haridas, DL Butler, JA Weiss
3:00 – 3:30 pmBreak

Session 4: Hot Topics
Session Chairs: Dr. Gene Alexander & Dr. Cy Frank

3:30 pmFailure mode of human Achilles tendon depends on bone mineral density and age
TAL Wren, SA Yerby, GS Beaupr�, DR Carte
3:35 pmEnveloping of periosteum on the tendon graft to enhance tendon-bone healing in a bone tunnel – a biomechanical and histological studies in rabbits
CH Chen, CY Yang, PY Lin, SR Liu, WJ Chen, CH Shih
3:40 pmThe influence of age on the histologic response to rupture in the human anterior cruciate ligament
MM Murray, A Sawyer, M Spector, P Gerbino, L Micheli
3:45 pmDiscussion
3:55 pmRelationship(s) between steroid hormone receptor, transcription factor and MMP mRNA levels during the healing of the rabbit MCL
4:00 pmDirect in vivo gene transfer of adenoviral marker genes into the Achilles tendon of rats
4:05 pmCollagenase induced by organ culture but not exercise in rabbit Achilles tendon
4:10 pmDiscussion
4:20 pmAn animal model for reversible ACL-insufficiency
T Hogervorst, RL Howard, K Paulson, JL Ronsky, NG Shrive, CB Frank
4:25 pmKinematic patterns before and after ACL reconstruction
CD Papageorgiou, A Papadonikolakis, UG Moebius, AD Georgoulis, PN Soucacos
4:30 pmRevision ACL reconstruction using the over-the-top with trough technique
WD Cannon, JJ Silver
4:35 pmThe effect of ligament transection on the kinematics of the ovine stifle joint during walking
JL Ronsky, JE Tapper, MJ Powers, T Majima, NG Shrive, CB Frank
4:40 pmDiscussion
4:50 pmThe mechanical properties of the unresected and the regenerated tissue in the patellar tendon after resecting the central portion
K Yasuda, H Tohyama, T Majima, Y Kitamura, E Yamamoto, K Hayashi
4:55 pmAre there gender differences in the patellofemoral joint biomechanics?
TQ Lee, PL McHale, ES LaRoque, MJ Holmes, MM Schulz
5:00 pmBiomechanical function of the interosseous ligament in the forearm
LE DeFrate, G Li, SJ Zayontz, JH Herndon
5:05 pmDiscussion
5:15 pmConcluding Remarks
Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, DSc
5:30 – 6:30 pmTour-Biomotion Lab, Durand Building, Stanford University
Thomas Andriacchi, PhD, and Scott Delp, PhD
6:30 – 7:00 pmCocktails In the Faculty Club, Stanford University
7:00 – 8:30 pmDinner
8:30 pmBus leaves for San Francisco