International Symposium of Ligaments & Tendons – III

Tulane University
New Orleans, LA
February 1, 2003

We would like to welcome you to the third International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons (ISL&T-III). In the past, we have been able to successfully bring together biologists, clinicians and bioengineers under one roof to present and discuss new developments in ligament and tendon research.

ISL&T-III is again a high-quality, focused meeting devoted to ligament and tendon biomechanics, biology, tissue engineering and treatments of injury. ISL&T-III will include sessions on biology and function of ligaments and tendons, biomechanics of upper and lower extremities, tissue engineering, pathophysiology and other hot topics. This year’s highlight will consist of a special symposium on tendinopathy.

We thank our local hosts, Dr. Deryk Jones and his staff in Tulane University for all their assistance in the planning of this meeting. In New Orleans, we are looking forward to free exchange of current scientific information, lively discussion as well as the renewal of friendships and making new ones.

Planning Committee

Savio L-Y. Woo, Ph.D., D.Sc. – Chair
Diann DeCenzo, M.S. – Treasurer
Serena Chan Saw, M.S.
Fengyan Jia, M.D.
Zong-Ming Li, Ph.D.
Colleen O’Hara, B.S.

Local Organizing Committee

Deryk G. Jones, M.D. – Chair
Stephen Cook, Ph.D.
Gerrie Savage
Sherry Werner, Ph.D.

International Program Committee

Steven Arnoczky, DVM (North America)
Albert Banes, Ph.D. (North America)
Bruce Beynnon, Ph.D. (North America)
Giuliano Cerulli, M.D. (Europe)
Chih Hwa Chen, M.D. (Asia)
Tassos Georgoulis, M.D. (Europe)
Fengyan Jia, M.D. (North America)
Masahiro Kurosaka, M.D. (Asia)
Zong-Ming Li, Ph.D. (North America)
Per Renström, M.D., Ph.D. (Europe)
Scott Rodeo, M.D. (North America)
William Walsh, Ph.D. (Australia)
Jennifer Wayne, Ph.D. (North America)
Jeff Weiss, Ph.D. (North America)