International Symposium of Ligaments & Tendons – IX

February 21, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Ninth International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons (ISL&T-IX) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 21, 2009 and was attended by 71 students and fellows and 95 senior investigators. The International Program Committee was chaired by Drs. Guoan Li and Gail Thornton. The program featured three invited speakers, Drs. Kazunori Yasuda, Steven Arnoczky and Thay Lee plus discussions of the latest findings on ACL and Joint Kinematics, Biology and Biomechanics of Tissue Healing, including Scaffolds for Functional Tissue Engineering, Tendinopathy, Biology and Biochemistry of Ligaments and Tendons, and Biomechanics of the Shoulder. We congratulate the winners of the Best Paper and Poster Awards sponsored by Flexcell International.

ISLT – IX Award Winners

Best Research Fellow Paper
Dr. Chih-Hsiang Chang
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Keelung, Taiwan

Best Student Paper
Ms. Kristen Moffat
Columbia University

Mr. Matthew Fisher
University of Pittsburgh

Best Poster
Mr. Shoji Fukano
Kogakuin University, Japan

Dr. Albert Banes, Ms. Kristen Moffat, Dr. Woo
Dr. Albert Banes, Mr. Matthew Fisher, Dr. Woo