Dr. Shinro Takai, President of the Kanto Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology (KSOT) invited Dr. Woo as the Presidential Guest Speaker at the 59th KSOT Annual Meeting held in Tokyo, Japan on March 22-23, 2019.  Dr. Woo gave a lecture on “Healing of an ACL: An Additional Choice to Reconstruction”.

Japanese Alumni and Family Parties

Dr. Takai also  arranged a Fellow and Family Reunion Dinner for Dr. and Mrs. Woo. A total of 9 former fellows of the OBL/UCSD and MSRC/UPitt and their families came for a wonderful gathering with outstanding food and conversation.  All were very happy to get together to see everyone.

Pictured are friends, fellows (Drs. Yamamoto, Sasaki, Miura, Noguchi, Kanamori, Tsuda, Watanabe, Takai, Fujie) and their families

In Kobe, Professor Kuroda and Drs. Nishida, Yagi and Horibe graciously arranged a Kansei Alumni Party for Dr. and Mrs. Woo.

Japanese Fellows from Kansei with Dr. Woo
Back (l-r): Drs. Takeda, Yagi, Takakura and Nishida
Front (l-r): Drs. Fukuda, Watanabe, Horibe, and Marui
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