The 9th WACBE World Congress in Bioengineering will take place from August 16-19, 2019 at The National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. The congress is focused on the ways that biomedical engineering approaches drive innovation technologies and provide solutions that impact clinical medical practice. This meeting offers a platform, which the researchers and trainees can collaborate on the translation of biomedical technologies from the laboratory to clinical ventures. About 400 delegates from around the world will be attending including academic researchers, industry practitioners, medical officers, business leaders and students. They will gather to share their experience on bioengineering and showcase the contributions that biomedical engineers have brought to health care, with applications that affect the quality of life for people.

Conference track topics include:

  • Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, and Regenerative Medicine
  • Biomedical Imaging Signal Processing and Health Informatics
  • Biomechanics, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation
  • Biosensors, Bionanotechnology, and Medical Devices
  • Cellular, Genomic, and Biomolecular Engineering
  • AI and Big data
  • Aging and Gerontology
  • Industry, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics in Biomedical Engineering
  • Other Related Topics

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