Dr. Savio Woo

Congratulations to Dr. Woo who has been appointed as a standing member of the National Health Research Institute Scientific Council in Taiwan beginning in 2021.

NHRI is the equivalent to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the U.S. Dr. Woo served on the Medical Engineering and Biotechnology Study Section from 1992-1998. He was then asked to serve as Chairman of the Scientific Review Committee IV – Medical Engineering and has been serving in this position since 1998 (22 years). With the retirement of Professor Shu Chien from the Scientific Council, Dr. Woo has been asked to serve on the Scientific Council to represent Biomedical Engineering. He will step down from his Chairman position to serve on the Scientific Council beginning in 2021. The Scientific Council makes the final decision on which grants are funded.

Dr. Woo’s appointment was also featured in the University of Pittsburgh’s Pittwire Accolades.

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